define: “trunk show”

4 Mar

  Newly engaged and wondering what exactly a “Trunk Show” is??  Then this is for you…

  The definition of trunk [truhngk] show [shoh]: is an event that is held by a bridal salon, where a specific designer’s collection will be featured.  Usually the gowns that are at the trunk show are the bestselling gowns or the brand new collection. 

  Trunk shows are a great opportunity for you to either view or try on that dream dress that you’ve been staring at secretly during work.  Please note, these are usually the designer’s runway dresses from market…aka…MODEL FIT, be prepared!!  (FYI: If you are a regular dress size 6, and the sample doesn’t fit exactly right, don’t pout!)

  Since these gowns are traveling throughout the country, and typically don’t remain in the store for more than a weekend, you also should be prepared to find “the dress”.  With this being said, it is important that you are aware of the events going on in the salon, because if you are not interested in the specific line/designer, schedule on a different day.  You don’t want to go to a trunk show that features all heavy, beaded ball gowns, when you want a light, chiffon destination look…right?  Plus, you will be letting another bride who is interested in that specific line/designer come in for an appointment. 

  Another misconception about trunk shows is, the term trunk show immediately means DISCOUNT!!!  This is NOT true.  Some of the designers don’t allow discounting, period.  End of story. 

  But here’s the good news…usually a representative or even the designer himself will be at the show and they are able to answer specific questions for you (do I hear “perk”??).  And when you do purchase “the dress”, take a picture…how many brides can say, they have a picture with the designer or their gown?  

  So, lesson learned today, when you are compiling your bridal notebook of every pretty dress from The Knot magazine, and printing page after page off the internet, take note of the designer you are interested in.  Then go to their website and check to see what local salons have scheduled a trunk show in the near future and make your appointment.  If there isn’t a trunk show available for a specific designer, don’t assume that the salon will have every style by a designer in stock…but that’s a whole different post…      

  I did notice some interesting trunk shows coming up…I posted them on my FB page and twitter….so for all you MOH’s making your bride’s appointments, double check with the bride to make sure she’s interested!


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