This Is Just A Test…

4 Mar

  Hello everyone!!!  

  I have been wanting to start this blog for a while, and since I made one too many stops at Starbucks today, the time has finally come.  I am categorizing this blog as an “experiment”, since it will be all trial and error, so bear with me.

  I will be writing daily blogs, well, attempting the “daily” part (like I said trial and error) about my life as a bridal consultant.  I am hoping that my daily experiences will lead to some funny, helpful and interesting posts for everyone to read.  I am sure this will also be slightly therapeutic, since I guarantee there will be a rant here or there…let’s not forget, I am dealing with brides 24/7, 365!

  Not to worry, I won’t bore you with just paragraphs of words…I am also hoping to try some photo blogging and of course, I will share a creative wedding idea or two (after all this is a bridal blog).

  I hope I don’t disappoint, enjoy!


2 Responses to “This Is Just A Test…”

  1. jen March 4, 2011 at 9:08 am #

    Let’s hear some good Bridezilla tales!!!

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