Hate ETSY???….I think not….

5 Mar

  Okay, you got me, I will admit it, I was one of those little girls who never let Barbie walk out without all the proper accessories, no matter how fabulous her outfit was.  My dolls were always dressed from head to toe because she was not complete unless she had her earrings, necklace, purse and shoes.

  Needless to say, that love of accessories has never left.  One of my absolute favorite parts of my job is to see all of the new sparkly baubles that come in daily.  My eyes light up like a kid in a candy store when I see all the new boxes stacked up, just waiting for me to open them. 

  I believe that we carry a lot of beautiful accessories, but I definitely understand that need to look around and see what else is out there.  This is where I am so divided on bridal salon jewelry.

  Bridal stores and salons usually have very high quality, hand crafted jewelry that is available for special order.  Although these pieces can be a little pricey, they are usually carefully chosen by the store’s buyer and are meant to compliment the gowns in the salon.  So, here is my advice as a bridal consultant…when you are in a full service salon, the consultants are very experienced and we know what the bridal trends are so let us help you finish your bridal look!  It is also much easier for you to pick out accessories  while you are actually wearing your gown.  Typically I see brides bring in bags filled with boxes of jewelry to try on at their next appointment and the outcome is usually the same…1.  The jewelry doesn’t exactly go with the gown because she didn’t have the gown when she selected the jewelry.  2.  She just added an extra errand of jewelry returns, on her only day off, in between registering at Crate and Barrel and her florist appointment.  3.  Me asking where she bought her accessories and do they have more! Lol.  And, 4.  She ends up ordering the jewelry we first tried on when she found the dress (this is always one of those “I told you so” moments, where I have to just bite my tongue)!!

(Source: Malis Henderson; mhtiara.com)

  Now, here is my advice as a third generation accessory extraodinaire…LOOK AROUND!  Not only, are there soooo many different styles in stores (or if you’re borrowing from your jeweler…who can’t resist the real stuff), but one of my all time favorite spots to get ideas is ETSY!  I have been noticing that this social commerce website is a growing trend with today’s modern bride. 

  If you are not familiar with Etsy, shame on you, you’re missing out…(www.etsy.com, go there, but after you finish reading).  It is a website, similar to Ebay, but focuses on buying and selling handmade, vintage and arts and craft items.   The prices for everything are usually really reasonable.  I could get lost on Etsy for hours!!!!  When a bride comes in and tells me that she is looking at a few items on Etsy, I typically can’t compete, because I know there are some great finds on there (being an avid Etsy-er myself).  Of course, not everything featured on Etsy is to die for, occasionally you will still see some popsicle stick craft  show projects…but don’t underestimate the “handmade” section, because there are some talented people in this world.  And, since it’s handmade, it is “one of a kind”, so now you have a custom-made piece for your special day (and who doesn’t like the sound of that?).

(Source: portobello)

  So check Etsy out, but I am warning you, you will get hooked!  Also, when you are browsing, think of your bridal party…they have a lot of cute clutches for your girls!

(Source: NuevaEspana)

  I know that I am divided on the accessory subject, but my ultimate advice…from a bridal consultant and my own perspective is…you know what you love You know the look you are going for and if you have a good consultant, she will be honest with you and help you decide, no matter where your accessories are from.  I am never afraid to suggest other options to my brides, when I know I don’t have exactly what they want!!!!  Their final look and happiness is what truly matters.  Good Luck!


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