“Something Blue”

5 Mar

  Today,  my bride came in, found her gown and quickly moved on to her accessories, which included a little Hollywood inspiration from Ms. Carrie Bradshaw.  The only thing that she was sure of during the entire appointment was that she was going to walk down the aisle in blue shoes. 

  Her “Something Blue”….

Source: Neiman Marcus
  Yes, the “Something Blue” Satin Pumps custom-made by Manolo Blahnik, for Carrie to wear in Sex In The City, now known as the Ultimate Glass Slipper to today’s bride.   My bride knew that she was going to dance the night away in those cobalt beauties!!  Even though she loved the thought of wearing these $945 Italian imports, mom didn’t seem as happy.  (Note to all MOBs: this is one area that I am not able to help you with, since I love shoes!)  So after agreeing with my trendy bride about how it’s not uncommon to see a colored bridal shoe and pleasing mom at the same time by stating, how refreshing it is to see a white or ivory shoe in a sea of colors, both left happy.  (Personally, I think that in this time old battle of color vs. neutral…I think team bride is going to win!) 
  After this little discussion,  I did start to wonder that if my brides, who wore hot pink, apple green or black shoes on their big day regretted it….
  What are your thoughts???  I would love to hear your opinions on this…which team are you on??? 

Badgley Mischka "Randee"; Source: Bloomingdale's






Badgley Mischka “Kiwi”; Source: Bloomingdale’s

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