ZILLA 101:True Story

5 Mar

  You’re not a bridezilla until…

[Setting] Bridesmaid appointment

[Characters] Bride, 3 Bridesmaids ( “bridesmaid” sizes 4, 10, 28)

  Just like bridal samples, bridesmaid dresses usually range between sizes 8 and 12, which equals a regular dress size of 4-8/10.  So during this bridesmaid appointment only two of the girls in the bridal party were able to try on dresses, we will refer to them as bridesmaids A and B.  Now, bridesmaid C who wasn’t able to try on gowns had a whole lot to say about the styles that the bride picked out for the girls to try on. 

  The appointment was starting to get a little uncomfortable, as you could imagine, and after my subtle attempts to try to diffuse the situation….it was too late.

  The bride, who I already knew had an inner “zilla” started to turn colors…(no lie), the blotches around the neck started first.  Then she became a light pinkish red and that shade gradually turned darker, like a cartoon.  Bridesmaid C said one more comment, not knowing it would be her last….and the bride lost it!!!!!!!

  Bride: “Can you just shut your mouth?!?!”

  Bridesmaid C: “What did I say?”  —->when she said that, I thought I was going to lose it…I mean really?  After a whole appointment of “this” and “that” and she wonders “what did she say?”

  Bride: “I’m sick of hearing what you have to say…just shut your mouth!”

  Bridesmaid C: “Fine.  It’s just a little hard, when I can’t try anything on.”

  Bride: “Well, like I said, maybe you should take my advice, and keep your mouth shut more often!” —->at this point, I was over by the dressing room, helping bridesmaids A and B, and we all just paused, looked at each other, and I think read each other’s minds…but let’s get real, we didn’t need the Goodyear blimp to tell us that this appointment was done!

  After some real awkward silence, the bride called it quits, but not before having the last word.  She decided on a bridesmaid dress in those final minutes, after a whole appointment of indecisiveness.  The dress that she chose was the least favorite of bridesmaids A and B and the one that bridesmaid C objected to the most!  I think everyone was shocked, I know I was! 

  Bridesmaids A and B: “Are you sure?”

  Bride: “Yes, and you guys can thank bridesmaid C for that choice.”  She then looked at me and demand I take their measurements…I just took a deep breath and started paperwork.

  After measuring, I went over their measurements and knew I was going to have an issue with bridesmaid C.  She measured into a size 28, but I knew she would never order a 28.  Call it my sixth sense, but I was right….she wanted a size 18!!!!  Okay, I do understand if a bridesmaid wants to go down one size, but a 28 to an 18?!?! YIKES!!!!!!!!!! 

  Well, don’t worry, that inner “zilla” tore right out and bridezilla hauled over to that table when she heard what was going on, took the pen right out of my hand, scratched out the 18, wrote in a 28, pushed the paper work back at me, bridesmaid C turned and started walking towards the door with the bride yelling after her…

  Bride: “You better hope you can fit into that…and I don’t want to hear another word about it!  You won’t embarrass me, this is my day!” 

  And out the door they went.  Surprisingly, the bride still made it down the aisle, poor guy, and the bridesmaid was still in the wedding!

  Believe it or not, this really happened…it actually was one of my first bridal consultant/meeting a real true life bridezilla experiences.  Little did I know, I would have plenty more, some meaner and some crazier stories to tell.


4 Responses to “ZILLA 101:True Story”

  1. whatsaysyou March 16, 2011 at 6:20 pm #

    Man, I feel sorry for the poor bridesmaid who put up with her. It sure sucked to be that bridezilla’s bridesmaid to begin with. Anyway, just because it’s her wedding that does not give her the right to act like a real donkey towards everyone. Shame on that bride!

    • confessionsofabridalconsultant March 17, 2011 at 6:38 am #

      I completely agree and I see it everyday! When I first started working with brides, everyone would always ask if bridezillas really did exisit (probably due to the show) and they DO!!! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more ZILLA 101 posts…..

      • whatsaysyou March 17, 2011 at 3:43 pm #

        Bridezillas are no myth and I too had known someone whose sister-in-law was a total bridezilla (a very calculative one) a few years ago and thank God that lady’s brother put his foot down with this whole Stop-with-the-bridezilla-mentality-or-else-no-wedding response. Guess what? The bride stopped being a bridezilla out of fear of being shamed by the hubby-to-be’s family (and some friends). After that incident, she became a well-mannered and kinder person we can along with easier.

        Anyway, bridezillas do exist regardless which country we come from but I can honestly tell you that they are more prevalent in modern societies. Last but not least, it sure sucks for someone to have a daughter-in-law or even a sister or daughter as a bridezilla.

        • confessionsofabridalconsultant March 17, 2011 at 10:24 pm #

          Yes, having a future family member become a bridezilla is well…yikes and good luck! We do often wonder how many fiances finally put their foot down with their bridezilla brides and if the family still talks to her after the wedding. Thanks for sharing!

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