ZILLA 101: Rhinoplasty

8 Mar

  My day started out like any other normal day at work.  I was assigned my first bride of the day and I was ready to sell a dress, especially since we had a trunk show in the store.  I went up to my bride, introduced myself to her and her mom and we headed off into our appointment.  So far so good….

  After talking for a few minutes, I found out that the wedding was two years away and she didn’t even have a specific date picked out (this may seem normal to you, but in bridal consultant lingo this equals playtime).  My enthusiasm for this appointment dropped a few points, these are not my favorite.

  Then my spirits were lifted when she quickly gravitated over to the trunk show dresses and I soon learned that she loved our featured designer.  She kept handing me dress after dress and in my head I thought, “Ok, this girl is definitely going to find her dress today!” 

  We get into the room, I am ready with our first gown, I go to put it over her head and she tells me, “Um, no, I don’t think so.”  I lowered the dress, and with a puzzled look on my face, asked, “What’s wrong?”  She then looked at me with the same puzzled face and said, “Well, I’m sure you can tell….”  (Insert my fake smile here)  “Mmmm, no, what should I know?” I responded. 

  She turned to the side, looked in the mirror and turned back touching her sinuses…was she in pain?  I had NO IDEA what was going on here!!!  Then she says, ” I mean, I just had a rhinoplasty….it’s barely 48 hours old!”  (Like I was supposed to know this?  I didn’t know I was supposed to be up to date with my bride’s plastic surgery history…because, if so, I fail!)

  Haha, I can only imagine the facial expression/facials on my face…I mean, ” Como?  Excuse me?  Come again?”  A RHINOPLASTY??  WHAT!?!?!  Is that something you are supposed to publicize?  48 hours old??  Why are you here??  

  I was so confused.  She didn’t have any bruises or anything.

  After a moment of silence, the bride must have decided that I had fully digested this information and continued to tell me that she couldn’t put the dresses over her head because they would hit her nose.  Again, I was confused, I know your nose must be sensitive, but, was her nose going to fall off?  Was she pulling a Michael Jackson on me???

  I took a deep breath and continued the appointment and told her that she could step into the dresses.  Now that deep breath wasn’t only to collect myself from the moments before, but I knew that having this bride step into these trumpet and mermaid silhouette gowns was not going to be easy (the bridal gods were not with me on this one). 

  She took her first step into the gown, her toes didn’t even touch the gown and she whipped her leg right out again.  “This is not going to work!”, she said, as she backed away from me and the gown.  At this point, mom was now standing outside of our room and was asking what was wrong.  My bride started to get dressed and  said, ” I had a RHINOPLASTY, mom!  And now, I can’t try dresses!” 

  Wow, appointment over. 

  As she was leaving, she turned around and asked me, how brides try on dresses here, because it was impossible to put on a dress!  I just bit my tongue and said there are two ways, over the head and stepping in.  I didn’t even bother to elaborate past that, probably because I was trying to fight back my urge of laughing in her face!!!  Out the door they went and we all had a good laugh.

  As I was cleaning up my room, I just kept thinking, your wedding is two years away, you don’t have a date, you’re fresh out of the ER due to a nose job and you think there are more than two ways to try on a bridal gown?!?! 

  I think this bride was the confused one…who nose?!?


2 Responses to “ZILLA 101: Rhinoplasty”

  1. whatsaysyou March 17, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

    Wow, by the look and sound of it, I guess the bride is a bit of a ditz. Or perhaps she is still reeling from the after effects of rhinoplasty. Maybe.

    • confessionsofabridalconsultant March 17, 2011 at 10:29 pm #

      Haha, I have always thought this bride was just another bridezilla who wanted the bridal world to revolve around her. Perhaps you are right, it was the medication? Maybe I judged to soon…or maybe not? Hahaha! Great comment!

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