Custom Dress: It’s a Cinch!

10 Mar

One way to customize your gown is to add a belt to the look.

Lately, bridal belts have become one of the hottest bridal accessory trends, and my new best friend. I can take almost any simple gown and once I add a belt to the waist…a whole new look! Sparkles, pearls and lace, oh my!!! The possibilities are endless!!!

It’s easy…your gown + a belt = a look all your own. Don’t be afraid to experiment with all the different options! (Note: Some designers do have restrictions about ordering their belts. Some will not let you just order a belt that is shown with a gown.)

Here are some examples of my favorite ways to incorporate belts and/or sashes into your bridal look…


Source: Lazaro

Source: Lazaro

Belts can either tie with ribbon streamers or clasp in the back with snaps or hook and eyes. If you can’t order your belt with your preferred closure, then ask your consultant or their seamstress if this can be changed. Usually, a professional bridal seamstress will be able to take a belt on a ribbon and change it to have a regular closure in the back. (NOTE: If you are planning to have the seamstress make this change for you, tell your consultant because this will typically change the size of the belt you need to order.)


Source: Alvina Valenta

Source: Essense of Australia

BOWS… (Just remember to check your bow every now and then, so there aren’t any surprises when you look through your wedding photos. This happened to a bride of mine, her pictures were absolutely perfect, except for her ugly, lopsided bow.)

Source: Melissa Sweet

Here’s an idea…Add a brooch to the center of the bow (the knot) to add a touch of sparkle!

Source: Paloma Blanca


Source: Casablanca Bridal

Adding a sash is an easy way to define your natural waistline.

If you want a BOLDER LOOK, play with color

Source: Enzoani

If you’re too afraid to commit to color, think all that sparkle is too much for you, or just want to keep it more traditional during your ceremony, then add your belt, sash or ribbon to your gown for the reception.—->an instant inexpensive second dress! Show off your new and fun look for the first time when you’re introduced to your guests as Mr. and Mrs!!!

One last tip, if you are worried about the belt or sash staying in place, ask your seamstress to sew invisible loops to the side of your gown, so you can thread your belt or sash will stay in place the entire day.

Source: Jim Hjelm


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