A Birdcage Veil, a Do or a Don’t

11 Mar

  Like most brides,  you have probably been paging through all kinds of bridal magazines and have noticed one of the latest looks….birdcage veils.  

Source: Erica Koesler

  Lately, birdcage veils have been seen making an impact on both runways and local brides everywhere.  This glamorous look seems to add just the right amount of both vintage (old Hollywood-esque feel) and contemporary flair to your wedding day.  Depending on your taste, these veils can be either simple or embellished with sparkle, flowers or feathers. 

Source: Toni Federici

  Like all things, this fashion-forward trend may not be for you, however, I would encourage curious brides to try at least one of these veils on with your dress.  If you don’t try it on, you will never know.  One thing to remember when trying on these specific veils is, you may need a few bobby pins to keep the veil in place, your consultant should have some on hand.  And don’t worry if the veil doesn’t look exactly like you imagined, a good hair stylist will know how to make your veil look perfect!

  When paired with the right bride and bridal gown, this non-traditional look proves to be quite timeless.


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