Dear Brides…

31 Mar

  Questions… My entire day is usually filled with questions.  Questions from brides, mothers of the bride, future mothers in law, sisters, friends, bridesmaids and coworkers.  You can’t even imagine the types of questions that I am asked on a daily basis, especially during bridal appointments.  I understand that it is a new experience for all parties involved, but sometimes the questions that I hear are just plain ridiculous!  Since everyone else has a chance to ask their questions, I am going to take this opportunity to ask a few of my own.   Welcome to a new series of blog posts directed to the newly engaged called, “Dear Brides”.  It’s finally my time to ask and I want some answers!  Warning: Beware of rants.  So here we go, enjoy! 

Dear Brides,

  Well already the greeting of this letter is incorrect…”Dear You” would probably be more appropriate.


  Dear You,

  Why do you schedule a bridal appointment to try on wedding gowns when you aren’t even engaged yet??  This may seem odd to general readers, but this is a true bridal consulting scenario.  These girls come in and actually admit that they are not officially engaged yet, but they think/know it’s coming.  Excuse me, but WHAT!  I hate bridal appointments with so-called brides, they ruin my day.  I have soooooo many questions for these brides out there.  The first one being WHY??????

  If you’re not engaged yet or should I say officially engaged yet, why is trying on wedding gowns even an option?  The thing that really gets me is that I have to actually entertain the idea, that I am trying to help you find a gown.  We have to go through all the steps of an actual appointment with you, your friends and at times your mom too!  And when you “find” the gown, you can’t purchase it because why??……oh yea, YOU’RE NOT EVEN ENGAGED!

 I mean, were you bored and just wanted something fun to do on a Saturday?  Is this so-called engagement tomorrow or in five years?  Did you find a ring in the closet?  How do you even know that you are going to get a ring?  Do you realize that you took an appointment time from another bride that may have a real life fiance?  Who are you?  And do you know that you just completely wasted my time??

  I just don’t get it and probably never will.  So until I get some valid answers/points as to why this kind of appointment is acceptable, please day-dream on someone else’s time.  I’m not interested.


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