Dear Brides…

2 Apr

Dear Brides,

  After you get engaged, when do you decide it is time to look for the dress?  Do you and your best friend grab the yellow pages, call every bridal salon/store within a 50 mile radius and book appointments  or do you let your engagement set in for a couple of weeks?  Do you coordinate schedules with your entourage or do you wait to shop with your mom? 

  I know that all brides are different but the one thing that they all have in common is, they need a dress. 

  (In my last “Dear Brides” post I shared my frustrations about working with non-engaged brides during bridal appointments.  I think this next topic is the perfect follow-up.)

  And since you need a dress you come to visit me or another bridal salon.  Once you have arrived and started your bridal appointment please remind yourself why you are there in the first place.  Okay, let me remind you…you are there to find the dress.  Am I wrong?….. (long pause)….. I didn’t think so.

  As I stated earlier all brides begin their bridal gown search at different points of the entire wedding process, but please….please explain to me why you start looking for your bridal gown when you wedding is planned for the year 2014?!?!  WHY?!  To be honest as soon as you tell me your wedding date is to be determined three years from now,  I immediately determine that this is not a serious bridal appointment.  So what do I do in this situation??  I put on my fake smile and do my job.

  During a bridal appointment I have one goal, to help you find a wedding gown that you love or at least help you identify what kind of wedding gown you want.  50% of the time, I can’t reach this very obtainable goal because brides forget the main reason why they scheduled an appointment in the first place!  When brides find the perfect gown and they can’t “say yes” or commit because their wedding is after all in 2014, and still have 3 more years to look for dresses I have one thing to say to them…”WHY ARE YOU HERE??”

  Again, what was the point of scheduling all the bridal appointments so early?  Quite frankly, you are only doing yourself a disservice (besides wasting my time and yours).  When you find a gown you love, you need to be done.  That’s your dress.  You never know when a gown’s designer will discontinue the dress style and then you will never be able to order the gown you loved.  And mark my words, when that happens you will compare every gown to the one you found before and unfortunately nothing will compare.

  My best advice is to slow down, enjoy your engagement and then visit a bridal salon when you are really ready to find your dress.


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