Dear Brides…

23 May

Dear Brides,

  (…Drum roll please…)  I would like to introduce you to…summer.  It’s the end of May and I think the sun has finally decided to come out of hiding and shed some warmth on Chicago.  Along with the sunshine and warm weather comes sandal season–and this year there are a lot of different styles for your feet! 

  I know, I know, you are probably asking yourself; “what does this have to do with bridal??”.  And no, I am not going to be writing about all the cute neutral colored espadrilles out this season that you could wear on your big day (at least not today).  This topic is a little more serious…. 

 Now, let’s talk feet!!

 For the past 6-7 months I have had to watch the cutest pairs of boots and heels walk in and out of the store.  And, even though I may admire the daily footwear fashion shows I know what could be lurking inside those shoes.  Every time I begin an appointment, I take a deep breath before walking in the room because I need to be prepared for whatever “after work” feet I see and/ or smell (gross!).  This is step one–getting past the initial shock.

  The next step to this “walking disaster” occurs when my happy bride is ready to see her entire “bridal” look come together–veil, accessories/jewelry and the SHOES!  For the bride, this step usually means she is on her way to finding her perfect gown.  To me, this step means I am going to have to help my bride take off her dirty socks to put on the shoes.  So again, deep breath.

  Okay, before you think I am being overly dramatic let me explain…I am well aware that Chicago weather may not always allow for cute, summery strappy sandals, but COME ON!!!  There are absolutely no excuses for some of the poorly maintained feet/toes that I see.  Even someone who wears socks all the time would need to remove them to shower and then they would see what was going on with their toes.  Besides that, you knew you were coming to a bridal appointment where you try on bridal gowns–your feet are going to be exposed!!!!  

 Maybe  it is just me…am I too critical about other people’s feet?  I don’t think so.  I know the saying is “try walking in someone else’s shoes before you pass judgement” (or something like that), but the problem is I would never ever think about putting  my feet one toe (even for a split second) in some of these bride’s shoes!  It’s that bad.

  Here is my solution for all brides (and the female population)…summer is here so treat yourself to a pedicure!  No excuses.  Never had one, get one.  Don’t have time, make time (it’s an hour at the most).  Don’t have a salon near you, you live in Chicago.  Don’t have the funds, host a DYI girl’s night (a “Summer Kick-Off Pedicure Party”) and soak your feet in the tub.  Just do something–even if you just have to cut, shape and paint your toes yourself in 15 minutes.

pedicure, feet, bridal, brides, wedding

  By doing this you can officially say you are starting this summer off on the “right foot”.  Not only are you saving me from seeing, touching and smelling your feet (and trust me, my senses are thanking you for it), but you can also think of it as getting a head start on your bridal beauty routine.  Well manicured toes and soft heels don’t just appear overnight!  It is recommended that you start your manicure/pedicure schedule and maintenance about 6 months before your wedding, especially if you have “problem feet”. 

  On a final note remember that your feet play a vital role in your daily life and health, it is important to take great care of them.

  Now go schedule a pedicure!


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