Everyone Needs SoulMates

21 Jun

  Now that it is finally summer, bring on the outdoor weddings!!  Even though I am not a huge fan of the 100 degree weather there is one other thing that I dread even more when I open a wedding invitation and read, “outdoor ceremony and/or outdoor reception”….what the heck shoes am I going to wear!?!?! 

  If you have been following my blog/Twitter/Facebook posts you know that I am a shoe fanatic—and what kind of person would I be if I let any silk satin stiletto heel sink its way deep down into the grass????  Good thing there is a solution for this common problem.

  About three years ago, a quirky little product was invented and since then has been working its way into shoe lover’s hearts everywhere…SoulMates High Heeler. 

soulmates, high heeler, outdoor weddings
Source: SoulMates
 The SoulMates High Heeler are flexible “plastic caps” that fit snuggly on the heel of your shoe.  Not only do the SoulMates High Heeler protect the base of your high heel, but they also help prevent you from sinking into grass or catching your heel in a sidewalk crack, grate or deck.   Plus, they are affordable! 
  SoulMates are now available in three different sizes: narrow, medium and wide.  Along with four different color options: Clear, Black, Classic Silver and Classic Gold.  With all the new size and color options, guests of the wedding aren’t the only ones who should be walking comfortably and carefree with the help of SoleMates.   The bride and the entire bridal party should invest in a pair…they are a definite must have! 
  Brides, give them to your bridesmaids as part of their gift and  bridesmaids, more specifically Maid of Honor make sure you add a pair of these to your “Day of Wedding” checklist for the Bride to Be.
  The SoleMates High Heeler can be purchased at various retail locations and online at www.thesolemates.com.  Go get some…afterall, nobody like a muddy Louboutin.
SoleMates, High Heeler, Shoes

Source: SoleMates





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