White After Labor Day?!?!

6 Sep

  Most fashionistas are familiar with the age-old style rule “No White After Labor Day”, but brides-to-be don’t have to worry since white is in fashion all year-long…

  Since I have started working in the bridal industry I have seen a lot of unwritten fashion rules slightly bent (or completely broken) in order to meet a bride’s personal style.  One growing trend among incoming brides has been an all WHITE wedding.  (Just a note: this trend’s move up the popularity scale started B.K.K(Before Kim Kardashian)).  Some bridal consultants may look at brides funny when they explain their wedding vision, I on the other hand LOVE this idea! 

  Having an all white wedding theme can be just as elegant and timeless as using vibrant colors and patterns on your big day.  Even though I absolutely love this idea, I do think brides-to-be need to plan with caution.  If you are interested in using this bold color palette for your wedding, take some notes from celebrity Kim Kardashian’s recent wedding.  She showed the world that not all rules are written in stone, but I still have some notes…

  1.  As untraditional as it seems all white bridesmaids can be perfectly acceptable, but don’t be scared to mix in different shades of white.  Take some notes from nature…white doesn’t equal Clorox bleach white.

white, flowers, centerpiece

This bouquet has a mix of colors, but is still considered "white."

  2.  White bridesmaids dresses should still compliment the bride and her bridal gown.  Your attendants don’t need to look like mini brides!!  If you put a lavender beaded sash on Khloe’s Vera Wang bridesmaid dress, it’s deja vu…I see her walking down the aisle all over again!  The bridesmaid’s dress style+the color=5 Overrated Brides.
Kim Kardashion, Kris Humphries, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, white wedding

Source: People Magazine

  3.  Feel free to add a little touch of color, it only helps emphasize the strong use of white.  Too much white can look very stark and bland…two adjectives that you don’t want associated with your big day.
  4.  Even though it is an all white themed wedding, the groom, family and guests don’t need to follow the dress code (i.e. Kris Jenner and Lindsay Lohan.  Do I need to say anymore?).
  When using a more untraditional color scheme or theme for your upcoming wedding, do a little research or planning first.  You want your guests to oooooo and ahhhh at your personal style, not make an example of it.  Sorry, Kim.



One Response to “White After Labor Day?!?!”

  1. Amy September 6, 2011 at 8:50 am #

    Not a fan of her all white wedding party, I don’t think she stood out at all! Not my cup of tea and I did not like any of her dresses, just my opinion of course!

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